What To Wear On The Weekend

What To Wear On The Weekend To Make Sure You Look AMAZING!

We know it can be hard to decide what to wear on the weekend, and maintain a clean and sophisticated look. But here at Giorgenti, we’re happy to help you bring the most out of your wardrobe, and strive for the maximum amount of versatility! It’s good to have different garments and colors in your wardrobe, and have many different styles to mix together. Here are a few ways to maximize your wardrobe and put pieces together!:

Throwing on the blazer from the grey suit you wore during the work week is perfect to pair with a nice, dark pair of medium wash jeans. You can complete this look with either a clean dress shirt, or a t-shirt!

Your bomber jacket can be a powerful addition to your wardrobe! This can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, or, for a more classy look, pair it with a dress shirt and nice trim dress pants!

Suits don’t have to be boring. They also don’t have to JUST be for the office! A nice looking summer-colored suit with a t shirt is a guaranteed hit with everyone! 😉

One of the classiest and most well-respected looks in casual Menswear is the two-piece suit with no tie. Especially when wearing a plaid or windowpane suit, a nice tone-on-tone dress shirt to match the color of the suit will be a killer outfit!