Athleisure Wear

What is Athleisure Wear?

Athleisure wear is a style of clothing born from athletic apparel making it suitable for everyday casual attire, as well as business casual wear.

The Athleisure Wear Trend

There is a powerful force moving through the fashion world which is a hybrid between active sportswear, casual street, and office wear. It is multipurpose, casual yet stylish. Athleisure wear is appropriate for business casual, a Zoom meeting, or a night out on the town. The hall mark of Athleisure wear is that it is unconstructed, stretchy, and always comfy. 

Yoga Meets Professional Wear

Athleisure wear is an extension of athletic wear — like yoga pants, sweatpants, and hoodies, that are transformed into every day casual styles using the same fabrics. 

All Purpose Smart-Looking Clothing

Once rooted in leggings, tank tops, joggers, hoody’s, yoga pants and sneakers. Athleisure wear provides a whole day’s clothing from a single outfit, to interchanging articles of clothing. Athleisure wear can take men and women from spin class, to the coffee shop, to a Zoom meeting, then to the office and out for a cocktail at happy hour.

What Styles are Offered in Athleisure Wear?

These multi-purpose, typically androgynous styles, offers the ease and athletic functionality of gym wear transformed into stretch unconstructed blazers, stretch dress shirts, knit tops, 4-way stretch dress pants or jeans and outer wear.

Busy Lives Demand Clothing That Can be Worn for All Occasions

Never before has our busy and hectic lives demanded more practical comfortable clothing.  Of course, giving up on style is simply not an option, so how do we combine fashion and function together to create a chic but totally wearable look?  Athleisure wear is the answer. GIORGENTI’s design team will help you create outfits that suit your wardrobe needs. Turning performance wear into everyday wear, athleisure wear has blurred the lines between the clothes you would wear to the gym and those you would wear for a Zoom, office meeting or out for dinner. These outfits can do it all.