Bespoke Suits, Tuxedos and Clothing

Bespoke! The Crème de la Crème of Custom Clothing.

A bespoke two-piece blue suit with peak lapels and a bespoke plaid three piece suit

For the discerning man or woman who wants the best! There is nothing that looks or feels as lush as a bespoke suit, bespoke tuxedo, bespoke overcoat, or bespoke sport coat ensemble. Like fine wine and luxury goods, these are truly handmade works of art made from the finest fabrics in the world. They are meticulously tailored to suit the individual wearer.

A bespoke plaid sport coat in brown and tan

What is the process in making bespoke clothing?

The bespoke process starts by being hand measured by our GIORGENTI master tailor, to properly fit the wearer’s body measurements. Over 25 measurements are taken including your shoulder slope and posture. Your expert clothier will assist you in choosing the material for the suit, tuxedo, sport coat, dress pants, overcoat, or any other custom-made clothing items including custom jeans and sweaters. Your GIORGENTI stylist/designer will assist you in choosing outfits that compliment your taste, personality, hair color, eye color, skin tone and body shape. We will create your special pattern to be cut from. This pattern will then be used to create the actual garment pieces. Once the fabric is cut, it is time for the garment pieces to be sewn together by our master tailors. Each piece of the custom suit, custom made tuxedo or bespoke clothing item will be sewn by hand, ensuring the fit is perfect for the wearer. Once the clothing item is complete, it will be pressed, hand finished, and completed.

A picture showing how a bespoke canvas front is sewn.

Are bespoke suits and tuxedos made with a canvas?

All GIORGENTI bespoke suits, bespoke tuxedos, bespoke sport coats and bespoke overcoats are made with a canvas front. That is the hall mark of a truly bespoke garment. The “Canvas” is in the chest area and helps reinforce the shape of the coat. It creates an additional layer between the body and the jacket resulting in an improved fit and more comfortable wear.

What fabrics are used for bespoke clothing?

Fine European fabrics for Bespoke Clothing

GIORGENTI New York custom clothing sources the globe for the most luxurious fabrics for bespoke suits, bespoke sweaters, bespoke overcoats, bespoke dress shirts, bespoke tuxedos, bespoke sport coats and bespoke dress pants.

We use the finest European mills including Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis  Canonico, just to name a few. Custom jeans, custom sweaters, custom made overcoats, custom tailored dress shirts, custom made suits, custom made tuxedos, tailored sport coats and dress pants.

A groomsman wearing a bespoke brown double breasted suit

How will I know when my bespoke outfit is ready?

Our customers are called for a fitting when their bespoke outfit is ready. The result is an amazing truly bespoke tuxedo, custom overcoat, custom sport coat, custom tailored dress shirt or suit ensemble that is both comfortable and flattering.

You will receive tons of compliments wearing your GIORGENTI Bespoke, custom made clothing.

Trims used in making a bespoke garment

Where do I get bespoke GIORGENTI clothing?

GIORGENTI bespoke customers come from all over the tri-state area. We are conveniently located in Garden City, New York. You can drive or take the Long Island railroad to the Mineola train station where we are a five-minute walk. GIORGENTI customers come from Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York, Queens, New York, the Bronx, Westchester, Statin Island New Jersey, and Connecticut.