How Your Suits, Pants, Sportcoats and Dress Shirts Should Fit When Going Back To Work!

Be Prepared When Going Back To The Office!

With the pandemic getting under control, many of us will go back to the office this January. It is time to start thinking about your professional wardrobe! Many of us have gained or lost weight during the pandemic, so our clothes may not fit properly. It is time to take inventory of your wardrobe, try on your clothes, and see how things fit. It is important to make sure that your suits, sport coats, dress shirts, dress pants, etc. are not too tight or loose. You don’t want your first impression back at the office to be a sloppy one!

Don't Look Like You're Wearing Your Son's H&M Suit

Your jacket should suppress your waist, with about an inch and a half to 2 inches of slack at the button to allow for movement and comfort. This will give you a tailor-made, custom fitted appearance, without feeling tight. You want to avoid pulls in the midsection or an overly tight armhole or bicep.

The Most Crucial Part Of Your Outfit

Your pants can make or break your appearance. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Pants that are too tight throughout the waist and seat are uncomfortable, restrict your movement and create unnecessary creases and pulls

There's No Hiding An Ill Fitting Dress Shirt

If your workplace dress code is business casual, you must make sure your dress shirts fit impeccably, otherwise your image will SUFFER. The key points here is to make sure your shirt does not pull in the midsection. While shirts generally should be fitted to the body, they shouldn’t suffocate you like a sausage link, nor should they be too baggy. You also want to pay attention to the neck, and make sure you can breathe with a two-finger ease between the collar and your skin.

The Perfectly Fit For Your Wardrobe

If you realize you need a wardrobe update, GIORGENTI is here to help you look your best! January is only two months away, it’s time to start putting in orders for custom clothing NOW to get your business wardrobe ready on time.

If we have your measurements, we can make any garment for you, or E-Mail you our fabric collection!