Pandemic Wardrobe Update

What To Look For When Starting Your Wardrobe Fresh!

Last time, we talked a lot about dressing for the Post-Pandemic world, the importance behind it, and what garments you should have in your wardrobe specifically. We know lot of us have gained a couple of Covid Pounds throughout the pandemic, and that a lot of our clothes now fit way too tight. Here, we’re going to show you exactly what to look for, and how to start your wardrobe fresh.

Make Sure Your Jacket Is NOT Too Tight. If It Is, You Need New Clothing!

The jacket of your suit should not be pulling in the midsection or the arms. This is a sign of a suit that has once fit you is now too tight, and will cause discomfort to you as you wear it, and also will cause it to wear out faster. Your arms should sit comfortably inside the sleeve.

If The Front Of Your Pants Begin To Pull, You Need New Clothing!

Most of us, unfortunately, gain weight within the waist and midsection, causing the first of our garments to be rendered too tight being the pants. Your pants should sit comfortably and drape smoothly in the front with little to now wrinkling or overlapping, depending on the fabric of course. If your pants pull on your waist too much and cause red marks due to tightness, it is time you begin making new custom clothing.

If You Feel The Backside Of Your Crotch Riding Up Your Body, You Definitely Need New Clothing!

Your pants should not be giving you a wedgie. Period. Most of you won’t gain weight in this area over time, as this is a less common issue. However, it is still important to talk about as it does happen. If your pants feel uncomfrotable when you sit, or pull way too much in the backside, it is a sign that you need new clothing!

What Pieces Should You Invest In First?

We are firm believers that if you are starting your wardrobe from scratch and from the absolute beginning, that your first pieces should be solid pieces that interchange with each other to create more outfits, giving you more wardrobe versatility. This allows you to extend the value of your garments and ultimately lower the cost per outfit. We believe the two staple suits that do this are the grey and blue suits. These suits can be interchanged with many different shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and pants to be worn formally, and casually, as seen below!

If we have your measurements, we can make any garment for you, or E-Mail you our fabric collection!