The Difference Between Ready to Wear and Custom Made!

On the right a poorly fitted ready to wear suit – on the left a custom made well fitted suit

We Get It. You Hate Shopping in the Stores! So Do We.

Have you ever gone to the store to buy clothing only to be frustrated that you can’t find your size or there is poor selection? Have you tried to find a salesclerk to help, only to find the person sitting on their butt (“quietly quitting”) with a crummy attitude annoyed that you are interrupting their fixation on TikTok? Have there been moments that you just want to ring someone’s neck while you are standing in line with people angry that it is taking way too long. How about trying on clothes and nothing fits, and you just want to stomp on the clothing saying “F*** THIS!”

If you have said yes to any of the above, then it’s time to have your clothing custom-made!

A man wearing a red double custom made breasted overcoat

A True Luxury Clothing Experience.

Now imagine yourself in a cozy comfortable showroom setting. A friendly person greets you offering a cold glass of water, coffee, or tea. Instead of imposing their opinion, your designer/stylist asks you what YOU want and happily looks at the inspiration you just love that you found on social media, or we will make suggestions for you. Whether you are looking for that perfect custom made tuxedo, wedding suit, or perhaps you are in need of a wardrobe, for business such as a custom suit, custom sport coat, custom dress slacks, custom knit wear, custom jeans, custom made overcoat or a tailored dress shirt, your clothier will show you an array of beautiful fabrics, linings and buttons to choose from.

A custom made garment being hand sewn

We Take A LOT Of Measurements. Seriously!

Over 23 key measurements will be taken, including your posture and shoulder slope. To get a better feel for the proportions try-on samples will also be used. For a suit or other custom clothing items to fit perfectly, it’s all in the skill of the master tailor’s measurements.

A man wearing a custom made brown and tan sport coat with leather patches

Where Are the Fabrics From?

Custom made bolts of high-end European fabrics

GIORGENTI custom clothing sources the globe for the finest fabrics for custom jeans, custom sweaters, custom made overcoats, custom tailored dress shirts, custom made suits, custom made tuxedos, tailored sport coats and dress pants.

We use the finest European mills including Loro Piana, Zegna, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and Dormeuil just to name a few.

A custom made suit being sewn

How Is the Clothing Made?

With a lot of love and care! A custom-made suit is made with an emphasis on meticulous attention to detail to create a perfect fit. There is a lot of handwork involved. After the measurements are taken a pattern is made from the man or woman’s body. The pattern is cut out of fabric using laser technology, or by hand using scissors and a special cutting mat. Then the pieces are sewn together by a master tailor to create the garment. Added details such as buttons, zippers, and pockets can be added to the finished product as desired. The suit is then inspected and pressed.

All GIORGENTI custom tuxedos, suits, and overcoats are made with a canvas front. That is the pride of a truly custom made garment. The “canvas” is in the chest area and helps reinforce the shape of the coat. It creates an additional layer between the body and the jacket resulting in an improved fit and more comfortable wear.

To the right a three piece plaid custom made suit. To the left a two piece blue custom made suit.

How Long Does It Take to Get Custom Made Clothing?

There are several factors. Do you need a custom tuxedo or a wedding suit for that special day in your life? Or are you choosing a custom made suit, custom sport coat and dress pants for work or for a special occasion? Do you need to freshen up your dress shirts and want custom made dress shirts, so they fit you properly? Perhaps you need a custom overcoat or raincoat. If your job allows it, you may want custom made jeans. Knits are comfortable and for an upscale business casual look you may want a custom made sweater or knit top. Depending on the clothing item and whether we have the fabric in stock or must order it from Italy, custom clothing can take within five to eight weeks.

Trims for a custom made suit. Embroidery thread, a selection of buttons, and a name label

Where Do I Get GIORGENTI Custom Clothing?

GIORGENTI custom customers come from all over the tri-state area. We are conveniently located in Garden City, New York. You can drive or take the Long Island railroad to the Mineola train station where we are only a few minutes’ walk.

GIORGENTI customers come from Queens New York, Long Island, Brooklyn New York, Statin Island, Manhattan, New York City, the Bronx, Westchester, NYC, Connecticut, and New Jersey.