The GO-TO Tuxedo For EVERY Groom for a Classy and Elegant Wedding! - By GIORGENTI

The Classic Black Tux: The James Bond Look!

Venues have opened up and wedding season is upon us! Many of you have had to postpone your weddings past the pandemic, and the time is now to finally get ready for the day you have all been waiting for! Now knowing that, it’s imperative that you begin making your custom tuxedo for the groom, as it takes at least 2 months for a properly fitted tuxedo! This will ensure not only enough time for construction, but also for the fitting needed as well.

Classic, Yet Chic!

The black tux is the pinnacle of a classy and stylish wedding. These tuxes can be complemented by any style vest, to up the ante and add some real stylish flair to your wedding outfit! You can go for a custom-made three-button shawl vest, a 5 button standard vest, or even a vest with a lapel on it as well! These vests are sure to make your wedding outfit extra special!

What Fabrics Do These Tuxedos Come In?

These tuxes can be modernized, or made traditionally by manipulating certain details to the taste of the wearer. You can opt for a classic peak lapel tuxedo covered in black satin, or you can go for a more modernistic look with a shawl lapel tuxedo! These styles both look classic, chic, and elegant, and work with solid black fabrics, or patterned jacquard fabrics as well. Patterned floral jackets, paisley jackets, and geometric jacquard jackets have all been rising stars in the past few years, as they give more of a unique look to a traditional classic!

Where Is Giorgenti Located?

GIORGENTI is conveniently located on Long Island in Garden City New York. We have clients from all over the tri-state area. Only a few blocks away from the Long Island train station, and easily accessible by car with ample parking, our clients come from Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. At GIORGENTI we pride ourselves on a superior custom tuxedo and promise you will love how you look, turn heads, and have an absolutely memorable wedding outfit!

If we have your measurements, we can make any garment for you, or E-Mail you our fabric collection!