The MOST COMFORTABLE SUIT EVER?! Stretch Suits & Sportcoats

We Are NOT Kidding!

We promise this will be the most comfortable suit you will ever own, without question. Much like your favorite pair of stretch jeans or favorite sweater, these suit and sportcoat fabrics have all the stretch in the world, and they look and feel fantastic!

Stretch Suits and Sportcoats in All Colors!

Our new line of stretch suits, sport coats, and pants come in all different colors, such as basic staples like black, navy blue, and charcoal grey, as well as more of the fashion-forward colors, such as burgundies, light blues, greens, even purple!

Spectacular Patterns & Textures

For the more fashion forward, our new line of stretch fabrics also offers a large myriad of patterns and textures! These patterns encompass plaids, glen plaids, windowpanes, box checks, and more. Textured stretch fabrics include waffle knits, boucles, flannels, and even birdseyes!

You're New Everyday Blazer!

These stretch fabrics are so comfortable, we would almost guarantee these would become your favorite go-to blazers! Whether you’re wearing them for work with trousers and a stretch shirt, or wearing them casually with a t-shirt and stretch jeans, these stretch sportcoats will serve you well for years to come as your favorite blazer!

The Perfect Daily Pant!

For your everyday pants that work with any wardrobe essential you may own, these stretch pants are comfortable, look perfectly tailored, and feel so beautifully smooth. Whether you’re wearing these with dress shirts and a sport coat, or wearing these with a simple t-shirt or sweater, these pants will get you through any everyday situation as a whole. These should be the backbone of your pant wardrobe!

If we have your measurements, we can make any garment for you, or E-Mail you our fabric collection!