The Way You Dress Directly Affects Your Income

How Your Appearance Affects Your Income

You only have 4 seconds to make a good first impression. That’s it. This is why taking those 4 seconds to your advantage is crucial. Especially in the workplace environment, your appearance can make or break your credibility of that special promotion you have been looking for, or that big-sale client you want to keep.

Look The Part; Earn Your Promotion

Your appearance at the workplace literally affects how much money you make! Period. End of story. If you don’t look the part, you won’t get the part. The same goes for courting clients. If you don’t maintain a respectable image, you won’t earn that respect. Not only that, but it can also play a part in the level of trust you earn from your employers and clients. They will either use a good appearance to find another reason to trust you or use a bad appearance to find a reason not to put value into you. Your employer simply won’t give a promotion to a sloppy person who doesn’t look the part.

Acing Your Interviews

Your appearance is a cheat code when applying for a new job or interning for that big company you want to stick with. If done right, you put yourself far ahead of everyone else, without having to even say or do anything. You should be wearing professional clothing that gives off a powerful, yet composed implication, with colors and silhouettes that compliment the professional workplace. Those who are interviewing should generally be meeting the bar with a clean tailored navy suit, and a sharp, white dress shirt and complimenting tie. You generally don’t want to be too loud, but a little bit of muted patterns never hurts, as long as it’s not too striking. For all you know, it could be an excellent conversation starter!

Easy Day-To-Day Professional Wardrobe

In the professional scene, dress shirts and tailored dress pants are going to be your bread-and-butter everyday uniform. You shouldn’t skimp out on these at all and should make sure you have clean, tailored clothing in colors that compliment your skin tone, eye color, and hair color, and are also workplace appropriate. Your most common colors for dress shirts here are going to be white, light blue, lavender, and pink. You may also find patterns such as ginghams, micro stripes, herringbones, and light plaids will work well here as well.

When You Mean Business, Look Like You Deserve Business

On workdays where the big boss is in, or you’re either selling or presenting to major clients, you must be ready to up your game at any given situation! This is where your pop color sport coats and three-piece suits (if applicable) come in. Two cheat codes to keep in mind in professional dress: 1. Pinstripe three-piece suits will always be your most powerful and professional look if they are tailored correctly! 2. Tan or khaki pants will literally go with almost ANY sport coat and shirt color.

Don't Make Any Excuses on Yourself, EVER!

Never give any excuse to not take care or importance in your personal appearance, because truthfully, there is no reason why you shouldn’t value yourself. Much too often we hear the classics, such as “I’m losing weight,” or “I hate to shop.” However, if you’re losing weight, it’s of even more importance to take care of your appearance and purchase clothing that can be altered as you size down. And though many may hate to shop, styling and personal shopping experiences are now more readily available than ever! We also tend to get the classic “others are dressed worse than me.” It’s important to not let others bring down your own self-worth, especially those who are harming their own personal brand or identity. Take more pride in who you are, and rise above the others.

Cozy, Comfortable, and Professional

We also tend to hear that people cannot stand being uncomfortable in their clothing, so they tend to look sloppy in favor of comfort. These days are over, as GIORGENTI has developed an entire collection of performance-enhanced fabrics with amazing stretch and sweater-like feel to them that can literally be worn anywhere at any time! These stretch suits, sport coats, dress shirts, dress pants, chinos, and jeans can literally be worn from the office to the bar, to lounging around the house after work, to even the fricken gym if you wanted to go crazy! We literally have that much faith in these garments, as we KNOW they are literally the most comfortable clothes you will own. Picture wearing professional, fashion-forward clothing that feels like you could wear it to bed. Yeah, it’s real.

How GIORGENTI Sets You Up For Success

GIORGENTI’S main objective with our new athleisure line is to personalize a wardrobe for our clients that actually moves together as a unit, and works with every piece you add into it. We craft suits that can be split into sport coats and dress pants, we handmake shirts that can be worn tucked in and untucked casually, and we make jeans that work just as well for a sport coat in the office as they do with a t-shirt and boots for the everyday lifestyle outside of the workplace. Working with a GIORGENTI stylist will not only give you the comfort of pajamas while giving you the appearance of professionalism, but will also give you control of your professional image!

If we have your measurements, we can make any garment for you, or E-Mail you our fabric collection!