This is When You Have To Replace Your Old Clothing!

When It's Finally Time To Revisit Your Wardrobe

It seems we are all being called back to the office after years of hybrid working and work from home! With this new “call back to action,” most office and work settings are reinstating a professional dress code as part of the new motive to bring back normality. Since it’s safe to say most of us have changed size during the “work from home” initiative, it’s time to reevaluate your wardrobe needs, and to tackle the issue of “do my clothes still fit?” Or even the ever so present “what should I keep and what should be donated?”

Your Pants Say A Lot About You. We're Serious.

Your pants can make or break your outfit, without question. No matter how much money you spend on your clothes, no matter what store you buy them from, what brand has made them, whether they’re made of silk and cashmere or super 180’s wool, if they don’t fit, they WON’T make you look good. You won’t be saved by any other garment if your pants are off. Most people notice the fit of the pants first on a subconscious level to determine how you view yourself. Don’t give off the wrong impression of yourself, and please make sure your pants fit!

Don't Let Your Jacket Ruin Your Image. Point Blank.

Your jacket should caress your body without pulls in the back and with very minimal pulling in the front. Sleeve length is usually a more subjective feature with the comes to the fit of a jacket, however a good rule of thumb to follow is just above the bend of your wrist. The shoulders usually should sit right at the bend of your shoulder bone. You ideally want to avoid excess space in the front waist of the jacket, and excess space in the arms. If you have extra space in those two places, this is a sign you need new clothing.

Your Shirts Are Your Wardrobes Nucleus. Make Sure They're Right!

If your dress shirts are too baggy or loose, they give off a subconscious connotation of sloppy. That’s just how it is. Ill fitting dress shirts can truly ruin your image and make you look just disheveled. And you definitely don’t want that! In the inverse, if your dress shirts are too tight, you simply look as though you don’t care about your image. Your dress shirt should follow the lines of your body, without constricting you and creating unnecessary pulling. You also want to ensure you have enough space and length throughout the sleeve to be able to bend your arms, as the slack will move to your elbow.

Is It Time To Revamp Your Wardrobe?

Listen, we all have changed size since the start of 2020, and that means our clothes fit completely different now. If you find that your clothing is too tight or too loose, it’s time you start thinking about restarting your wardrobe with custom made sport coats, custom dress shirts, dress pants, casual pants, and so on. Especially since we are all on our way back into the office and in front of clients, you don’t want to give off the wrong impression of who you are.

If we have your measurements, we can make any garment for you, or E-Mail you our fabric collection!