What To WEAR in HOT Weather

Because it's getting HOT out there!

With this past weeks surprise heatwave, we were given a small glimpse of the post-pandemic summer’s wrath, and boy, is she powerful! It left many of use scrambling to figure out what to wear during these super hot days that we were definitely not prepared for. Now, while we welcome back a summer we can finally experience (unlike last year), it’s time we prep for a beautiful summer! With many of us finally going back to the office, going out again, visiting the beach, or simply attending the quintessential summer cookout, here are your most important wardrobe pieces to keep you cool, yet fashionably composed!

The Go-To: Button Shirts and Pants

For the savvy and modern weekender, the open-collared button shirt and pants look is an outfit literally every single man needs to know how to pull of, even if they don’t follow fashion. This is the easiest, most composed casual look, that works for absolute any summer situation. Cotton and linen shirts are perfect for this look, as they are lightweight, and present very well.

For The Office Meeting: The Silk Suit!

For those big-break meetings and entertaining high-value clients, appearances are now more important than ever, considering we’re getting back into our norm of socializing as a whole. This is why the Silk Suit is the most important addition to the modern businessman wardrobe. This is the lightest, most luxurious fabric to make a suit out of for the summer, and does not retain it’s heat, which allows you to keep extremely cool doing those blistering days! These can be worn with dress shirts and ties, shirts without a tie, or even t-shirts for a more casual look.

The Day-To-Day Lifestyle: Summer Linen Looks

Linen is the absolute perfect day-to-day summer fabric for shirts, suits, and pants, as it is extremely durable, easy-care, lightweight, and breathable! They also present a very classy, dapper look. The linen suits durability allows it to be worn multiple times a week, and also broken apart into separates, to be used as a linen sport coat, or linen pants. A linen suit can expand your wardrobe capabilities ten-fold!

Nautical Elegance: The Sport Coat and Dress Pant Look

Icons of history across the globe have all donned this superior uniform of excellence. The sport coat and dress pant look is now the symbolic outfit and elegance, taste, and utter class at it’s finest. This outfit allows for freedom expression, whether bold or understated, and allows room for fabrics such as silks, linens, wools, a blend of the three, and even bamboo fabrics to create such beautiful outfits! These sport coats and dress pants can be worn with printed or solid button shirts, as well and t-shirts for the ultra casual, yet sophisticated outfit. This look is for those with possess nothing but discerning taste!

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